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St John’s Cathedral

St John’s Cathedral Nearly every of the intern students has been to the St John’s Cathedral, but not every of them has attended the lunchtime concert. The fact is the lunchtime concerts are off during summer vacations, but normally it’s the … Continue reading

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Stop Foolish Mail Chains

Stop Foolish Mail Chains   I think everyone using the email system must have received mail chains, asking you to send the letter to at least 20 people, then you will receive good luck, otherwise serious bad luck would come upon you. Later on, … Continue reading

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My 40th Blood Donation

My 40th Blood Donation 大學之道…… 在親民 在止於至善   This is the Coconut Avenue inside the National Taiwan University, long enough to let fighter-plane to land and take off. Thus proved university is not just a place for knowledge acquiring, not … Continue reading

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Bruce Lee & Churchill

Bruce Lee & Winston Churchill   When you consult my electronic handouts on the second pile of the fifth day, you will find the anecdote of Bruce Lee and Winston Churchill. That pile of handouts begins with the American presidents are … Continue reading

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