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The Tibetan Issue

The Tibetan Issue Tibetan Lama in front of Bird’s Nest, Beijing 2008 Tibetan Buildings in Beijing China Tribal Culture Village   Before the great earthquake on May 12, Cheng Du was already the centre of the world because of the Tibetan … Continue reading

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明天會更好/We are the world

明天會更好/We are the world The following is a combination of the Mandarin song Tomorrow will be better and the English song We are the world. Dedicated to all victims and survivors of the Si Chuan earthquake & To all my … Continue reading

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Cheng Du in March and May

Cheng Du In March and May Please enter for the Cantonese song 知否世事常變 變幻原是永恆 此中波浪起跌 當然有幸有不幸 不必怨世事變 變幻才是永恆 經得風浪起跌 必將惡運變好運 月缺後 月重圓 缺後月重圓 始終都會相對襯 人間的波折 經得起挫折 始終都會不枉此生 迎接那變幻 今生與你擁抱著永恆 《家變》羅文 Cheng Du had been the centre of China since … Continue reading

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The Olympic Torch

The Olympic Torch Class Jan 22 – Feb 2, 2007                Class Feb 05 -16, 2007                       Bird’s Nest & Water Cube Hong Kong Park                                   Hong Kong Park                                      Bei Jing 2008   The hottest topic among mainland students nowadays should be concerning the … Continue reading

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To all my darling students

  To all my darling students Who is the greatest mother on earth ?      Its your own mother and no one else ! Some students are quite interested in learning Cantonese, especially those who are going to study or work … Continue reading

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Breakfast of mother’s day

Breakfast of mother’s day ?    Continental breakfast                                                      British breakfast    Please scroll on the right hand side of this page, and you will see a column named “Category”. Just click on the item “Mother’s Day” and you can see … Continue reading

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