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Hypnotism(Ύπνος)催眠術 Nyx   goddess of the night Hypnos  the personification of sleeping Endymion the eternal sleeper What is Hypnosis ? When you consult my electronic handouts of the eighth day, the eleventh set; there is a brief introduction. I should have told most of … Continue reading

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The Equestrian Victoria

The Equestrian Victoria   What is equestrian ? It is a contest of horses in the Olympic Games, but not for the speed, it’s for the obedience and technique of the horses. Basically can be divided into two main categories—-dressage … Continue reading

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Investment & Gambling

Investment & Gambling         The Lisboa Casino in Macau                        The New York Stock Exchange    We have two special administrative regions by the estuary of the Pearl River, which are Hong Kong and Macau. One is a financial centre and another is … Continue reading

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Our Cantonese Dialect

Our Cantonese Dialect YouTube – 許冠傑 – 半斤八兩 Should problem occurs, please enter the following or refresh it 7 – 8 times until it works Why I have to use the term of Our Cantonese dialect and not the Cantonese dialect, because … Continue reading

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