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The Oxygen Bar & Anions

The Oxygen Bar & Anions My intern students mainly come from college of business or literature, so when they are asked to introduce something concerning biology, chemistry or science to foreigners, it will be a hard job for them. What is anion … Continue reading

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The Water Cavity

The Water Cavity 七星岩   There’s a traditional touring spot in Guang Dong Province which is know as Seven Stars Crag(七星岩), it has been very famous even before the open door policy of China. In the 1970s, where the Hongkongers … Continue reading

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Chinese White dolphin

     Chinese White Dolphin 中華白海豚 Where is this ? This is Tai O (大澳), it is known as the Venice of Hong Kong, situated at the south-west end of Lantao Island. But you can see something you cannot see in … Continue reading

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Cable Cars in Hong Kong

Cable Cars in Hong Kong The Peak Tramway (single track) Tung Chung  ( 2 ropes ) Ocean Park ( 4 ropes )   There are three cable car systems in Hong Kong, namely the Peak Tramway, the Ocean Park and … Continue reading

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The Treasury Cave 張保仔之洞

The Treasury Cave 張保仔之洞               Where is the cave of Cheung Po Tsai ? Its situated at an outlying island south west of Victoria known as Cheung Chau (長州). When you go by speedboat, … Continue reading

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