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The Free Ferry Trip

The Free Ferry Trip   This is the largest floating restaurant in the world, majestic and brilliant. Situated offshore of Aberdeen, and you must go over there through ferry or sampan. Such a magnificent view would simultaneously give people an … Continue reading

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My 42nd Blood Donation

My 42nd Blood Donation 孔曰成仁,孟曰取義; 惟其義盡,所以仁至。 讀聖賢書,所學何事 ? 而今而後,庶幾無愧 ! My 42nd blood donation was done on Sept 17, 2008. Follow me ! Follow me !     The above photos of benevolence and righteousness were taken at the Martyr’s … Continue reading

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Congressional Glance

Congressional Glance House of Parliament, Britain  A lot of governmental structure terms are quite strange to mainland students, for China is the only large nation that cannot elect its leader, and Hong Kong is the only international city that cannot elect … Continue reading

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The Election Day of Hong Kong

The Election Day of Hong Kong (Sep 7, 2008) As the election campaign in America is carrying on in a fiery way, we also have a hot election campaign in the city which is the election of the Legislative Council. … Continue reading

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