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Affection and Animosity

  Affection and Animosity YouTube – 倚天屠龍記 (主題曲) 鄭少秋 1997 年 Karaoke MV 0        Should problem occurs, please enter the following site 8 to 10 times   情義繞心中有幾多重 仇恨又卻是誰所種 情仇兩不分 愛中偏有恨 恩怨同重     忘情棄愛世上有真英雄 常人只許讓愛恨纏心中 難忘你恩深 我偏偏有恨 … Continue reading

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Tai Chi 太極

Tai Chi 太極  These young girls are not my students, nor my supermodels; they are tutors of the Tai Chi exercise. Apparently, their level is higher than me and I have to learn from them. So tutors are not necessarily older than you … Continue reading

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Thus Knocks Destiny

Thus  Knocks  Destiny Please enter for the most two famous version of Beethoven’s Symphony No 5 “Destiny” When problem occurs, please re-enter 8 to 10 times until its OK.   I am not talking about the orchestra; I … Continue reading

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Hypnotherapy & Super Natural Power 特 異 功 能 After I talked about hypnosis last time in July, quite a number of students approached me on this issue. Generally they want to know more and of course want to experience such a … Continue reading

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