Do you want to work in Hong Kong ?

Do you want to work in Hong Kong ?


Some students want to work in Hong Kong, and they are asking information for job hunting. Quite a number of these students are going to finish graduate school, either in Hong Kong or abroad. Now I am going to list out the firms that need postgraduate management trainee for your reference, so that you can apply on your own. Mind that the latest record means these firms have employed postgraduate trainee in the past but not necessary in the future, especially after the financial crisis recently. So, you can write to them to apply on your own.


Please do remember, on the last day of your internship, I had told most of the class something on the first procedures of job application. Let me repeat:—-



Do put down anything that does not match with the actual case and ask me to prove it’s true. It’s the mal-practice of the mainland society, you might used to ask your mainland teachers to do so and every now and then students keep raising such a request to me. I want to make a clear cut that I am not a mainland teacher and that’s why you come to Hong Kong to learn from us.



After you have written your cover letter, don’t thing its quite nice, I can always pick up a lot of mistakes therein, so better ask for a senior student to have a final check for you. Remember competition is quite keen nowadays; even a single typing mistake or an error in punctuation mark would be the reason for failure.



When inside mainland, your CV is normally limited to one page, but in other parts of the world, they do not have such a limitation. Their requirement is to make the presentation in the most clear, sharp and pleasant manner, no one will mind how many pages you are using. Do not rape others with your mainland ideas and think that they like one page only.



Bi-lingual CV is optional; you can just present an English CV with your Chinese name, and no need to put everything again in Chinese and English. Firstly because it’s too clumsy and people might not have time to read both languages. Secondly, other parts of the world are not China, not every person in charge can understand Chinese. In a multi-racial society, people of other nationalities would not use the English language as a media of communication.



Don’t think the reference letter is all in all, they rely on the electronic reference and communicating with the recommender much more than that letter.




For the attachment of your own photo, especially for girls, don’t just choose the most beautiful one, but have to choose the most mature one. Some girls might be more charming and pretty when smiling with their rabbit teeth showing out, but very often simple and childlike, and thus can hardly get any feedback. So better get advice from your close friends whether the photo you are picking up is mature enough for job hunting. While for boys, its more simple, a photo of coat and tie is preferred.





So just try, and let Heaven decide everthing !


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10 Responses to Do you want to work in Hong Kong ?

  1. says:

    good, it’s helpful information


  2. rebecca says:

    thx a lot


  3. Junjie says:

    Great,thanks,however, it’s really difficult to find a job in the financial industry anywhere nowadays. Hope the world economy can recover in few years…


  4. 微笑的鱼 says:

    Thank you so much Daniel!
    Very instructive.


  5. Wing says:

    Thanks for sharing ^_^
    May all good luck!


  6. tingting says:

    Thank you very much,
    Reall helpful!


  7. Dawn says:

    You always give us such useful information!
    I am thinking about working in HK someday~


  8. Dawn says:

    Dan~ KK is the boyfriend you seen last time, the only one~~~


  9. 白瑜洁 says:

    thank you so much for the necessary and important infro:P maybe one day when u get time, could u write an article about applying graduate school abroad? lol ^^expecting…


  10. chris rowan says:

    hi my name is chris rowan i have lived in hk before at island school i wood like work i hk again is ther any work avialavle


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