A Hidden Magnificent Waterfront

A Hidden Magnificent Waterfront

Concerning the magnificent view of the Victoria Harbor, people would only go to watch it at the Star Avenue or the Bauhinia Square of Wanchai, not only intern students like this, even local Hongkongers they are the same. But what you can see in the above places is just a scene of crowdie people. You cannot drive them out to enjoy a view on your own. Especially during festivals, people gathered in such places would be up to 200,000 or even 400,000.

Sometimes students would ask me, I always lead them to different unique places, then how about myself ? What places would I choose for myself ?

There is a magnificent and serene waterfront view by the side of Hong Kong University, just 15 minutes walking distance away from the East Entrance, but most of the students over there would not know about it. This is the Wholesale Food Market. It is situated in Western District, guiding the western entrance of the harbor. Why people do not know such a place, because it seemed to be a restricted area. You must present you identity card to be registered before entering. But it opens for 24 hours, even under typhoon signal number 8.

It’s the place for distribution of non-staple food product, mainly vegetables and fruits. But you can hardly buy anything there, for they sell it in bulk quantity. Their target is not end-users but retailers. That is you cannot buy 5 or 10 oranges over there, the minuet order will be 10,000 oranges etc. Since it has a magnificent promenade, so it would be a waste if you do not fully utilize it. Some people would use it for fishing and some for doing health exercise. On the whole the number is of people is not so much. But there are two things you can hardly find in other parts of the world, not only in Hong Kong.

When you do the health exercise such as Tai Chi, in the protruding area, that is the pier for handling cargo; firstly the area has a 270 degree of waterfront view. Secondly, there are speedboats rushing just 30 meters away from you nearly every minute. This is the passage to Macau and the Pearl Delta, for high speed boats, when they get off the harbor, it would be 150 – 200 meters away from the pier, but for entering the harbor, the passage allocated is just 30 – 50 meters away from the pier. This is quite a pleasant and magnificent view, and the frequency is quite high. That is other parts of the world, it’s impossible to have so many speedboats flying across you in a 270 degree water view every five minutes.

So if you want to explore, you always can find something by your side quite precious even its not the same as the places I led you too. Anyway, it’s just a means of showing you the other part of life is also very precious besides facing the computer day and night.





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2 Responses to A Hidden Magnificent Waterfront

  1. Wen says:

    Daddy, you have a unique view yourself.
    You enjoy it.


  2. Jingyun says:

    finish briefing, look forward to visiting:)


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