Struggling for Life

Struggling for Life

YouTube – Joan Baez – All My Trials

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Hush little baby, don’t you cry
You know your mama was born to die
All my trials, Lord, soon be over

The river of Jordan is muddy and cold
Well it chills the body but not the soul
All my trials, Lord, soon be over

I’ve got a little book with pages three
And every page spells liberty
All my trials, Lord, soon be over

Too late, my brothers
Too late, but never mind
All my trials, Lord, soon be over

If living were a thing that money could buy
Then the rich would live and the poor would die
All my trials, Lord, soon be over

There grows a tree in Paradise
And the pilgrims call it the Tree of Life
All my trials, Lord, soon be over

Too late, my brothers
Too late, but never mind
All my trials, Lord, soon be over
All my trials, Lord, soon be over

Life is a rugged path, but sometimes more rugged than ever can be imagined. Some people are really born to have a free and lucky path of life, but most of the people are not in such a way. Or even the luckiest people would have his hardest time. For general citizens, life is a path that one must go through a lot of ups and downs; full of bondages and chains; or even tasting sweetness and bitterness together. C’est la vie ! (This is life)

It is a matter of fact that the paths of different people various in a very great extent. For grown up people, their concentration will be mainly on money; while for students their ideals will be more diversified, in developing of careers and inter-personal relationship, and one more thing very important, that is to step into the unknown future. Every generation has its own problem to face, even in the eyes of others, it’s not so great a problem; but for the principal that is undergoing the trial, it might be too hard.

It’s so easy to say words of encouragement to others when they are in low mood; those words are beautiful and nice. But when a young people have to experience the sophisticated tragedy of life, its more heart-breaking than words can ever say. Normally, people’s life can be divided into two sides, one facing the society and one facing the inner self. It’s easy to be strong in the public, but the real trial would come when the you stay alone with yourself. Thus when you feel you are not strong enough when you are alone, just tell the actual condition to someone your trust, and it will feel better.

When misfortune or tragedy comes, there’s a common question of why ? Why it has to come ? Why it comes to me ? Why can’t I live serenely like a small potato should be ? It’s not easy to answer nor having any venue for you to make complaints. You can devote yourself to be a full-time destiny changer, but it will be a life long profession and not just a means of helping you to easy you’re life.

Misfortune is a tragedy, tragedy is a misfortune. Sudden misfortune is a shock, but when it comes gradually, it’s a torture. The precondition is that we cannot change destiny, but we better find a suitable venue to drain out the emotion. Clinging to a religion is one of an effective method, but actually in the religious condition, there are a lot of members or elders of that religion can solve the emotional problem besides the almighty God. So just find someone trustworthy by your side, no matter what’s his of her occupation, when you think it’s suitable, and then it will work. Even though it may roughly give you the same sentence as that of you are soothing yourself, but if it come out from a definite person, that effect will be much greater than a general person.

Human being is made of emotions, sometimes such emotions might be stronger and sometimes it might be overwhelmed by other kind of emotions. To overcome emotion is to drain it out, don’t let them bury in your heart or else one day it might explose like a volcano, that is harmful to yourself as well as others. So don’t compress it, speak out, drain out, and pour out. Breathe out all the unhappiness and inhale new and fresh air so as to give yourself energy to face the reality.

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5 Responses to Struggling for Life

  1. 白瑜洁 says:

    Happy people have the same happiness; unhappy people are unhappy in their own way.


  2. 微笑的鱼 says:

    I like this article~
    and, all best greetings to Daniel!


  3. says:

    thank you ,Daniel!
    taking with you is a great pleasure .you always encourage us to get over from low emotion.


  4. 佳雨 says:

    Thanks, Daniel!
    Do you think we can change our personality? If someone has a passive disposition, how does he or she utilize your method?  


  5. CHUN SANG says:

    Replying 秦淮夜雨
    Personality of course can be changed, but it takes time.
    Normally its passive people that need help, aggriessive people can solve the problem on their own


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