My 44th Blood Donation 讀聖賢書 所學何事

My 44th Blood Donation

讀聖賢書 所學何事

My 44th blood donation has been done on March 19, 09 (Thur).

It’s a method to light up others without burning oneself.

In time of a setback, when you find yourself uesless; it can prove the value of your existence.

You can also save a life, absolutely not useless at all.

This record of 44 times is quite common in Hong Kong, at least 1,000 people have achived it. I am only 1 out of this 1,000.

But in mainland China is quite rare.

Even gold medalists of the Oylmpic Games who is said to be so strong in health could not achive this.

This 1,000 are all above the top gold medalists of China in health condition.

Hope you can proud of your teacher Daniel Yue, and follow me to be above the top gold medalists of China.

Here’s a Cantonese song for encouragement !

談論主題 YouTube – 關正傑 一點燭光

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4 Responses to My 44th Blood Donation 讀聖賢書 所學何事

  1. 微笑的鱼 says:

    Daniel, share one sentence from Romain Rolland with you:"這世界上只有一種真正的英雄主義,那就是直面這個世界并且熱愛這個世界".I think you are one this kind of person.


  2. Saney says:

    Dear Daniel, we certainly are very very proud of you!


  3. says:



  4. CHUN SANG says:



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