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Idealistic & Realistic Love 夢幻詩境 與 現實的愛

  Idealistic & Realistic Love        夢幻詩境 與 現實的愛   This is the second half of the article of last week, which was “Classical Love in Reality”. The approach of this week is from another angle, which is Japanese cartoons instead of Korean … Continue reading

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Classical Love in Reality 現實中的經典之愛

Classical Love in Reality 現實中的經典之愛 YouTube – Romeo And Juliet What is a youth Should problem occurs, paste this website or re-enter it   What is a youth? Impetuous fire. What is a maid? Ice and desire. The world … Continue reading

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不朽香江名句—-Top 4 Asian Universities, 3 from Hong Kong

不 朽 香 江 名 句 Top 4 Asian Universities 2009 3 from Hong Kong The Champion —- University of Hong Kong The 1st runner-up —- Chinese University of Hong Kong The 2nd runner-up —- University of Tokyo The 3rd runner-up —- Hong … Continue reading

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How to dismantle the Hong Kong Bank Building如何拆下匯豐銀行大廈

How to dismantle the Hong Kong Bank Building 如何拆下匯豐銀行大廈 The building of the Hong Kong bank can be said as one of the most special buildings in the world; for it can be dismantled completely and move back to Britain … Continue reading

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Only Mama is the best 世上只有媽媽好

Only Mama is the best              世上只有媽媽好 YouTube – 世上只有妈妈好/佚名         Should problem occurs, pls click the following 8 to 10 times until it works    The word mother in various languages—-          Dutch  : Moeder             French … Continue reading

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