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English Language in Hong Kong 英文在香港

English Language in Hong Kong 英 文 在 香 港   English is not a social language in Hong Kong, that is what I want to make clear right now. Hongkongers seldom use English to communicate with each other unless … Continue reading

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God of Justice 願世間有青天

願世間有青天               God of Justice                                    Goddess of Justice In the Chinese culture, the God of Justice is a man which is known as Bao Qing Tian (包青天). In the western culture, the Goddess of Justice is a woman which is … Continue reading

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Basic Palmistry 基本掌相學(2)

Basic Palmistry 基本掌相學(2) The Talent Line 智慧線   Why human being is different from other mammals ? For they possess talent and others do not. Actually the talent line governs the whole hand and thus this line is also known as the … Continue reading

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Basic Palmistry 基本掌相學 (1)

Basic Palmistry 基本掌相學(1)   When students know that my major post in the company actually is the fung shui master, they all line up for fortune telling. I regret I cannot satisfy them one by one as it will be impossible. … Continue reading

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Traps in Job Hunting 尋找工作時之陷阱

As for summer holiday, normally it’s the peak season for job hunting. But take care, there are still a lot of things to mind about, or else you would fallen into various traps. Some are serious traps and some are just … Continue reading

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