Who is your true lover 那個才是你的真愛(基本掌相學之3)

Who is your true lover ?

The emotion line not only can tell your emotional life, but you can use it for other purpose. You can also use to fix who is your genuine best fellow (男朋友) or best girl (女朋友). But hang on (請稍候片刻) ! You must do it before you really fall in love and have to withdraw before it is too late.

Love must be moderate, neither over nor under in ardent. Hot love and impetuous fire (烈焰的激情)can not persist long, but still water runs deep. Initially, non-experienced youngster can hardly tell whether the on-coming love is suitable for him or her. After they have got enough experience to distinguish, they have already marked by vicissitudes of life (滄桑變遷). Girls are normally hurt more seriously than boys in such a case. Above all, there should be a rational period of consideration before falling into love. Everyone knows that love is blind ! But just try to as rational as can be, at least in initial stage. Basic knowledge in palmistry (掌相學) and physiognomy (面相學) can give certain help. Of course I won’t ask you to rely 100% upon it, but it’s a means of helping you to face it from another angle, that is from a rational manner. Ultimately, such knowledge need specialist to classify this from that. But at least you can come to me when in doubt. I establish this blog not only to teach my students living English, but lead them into correct path of life also.


The emotion line is also known as the sky line, for it’s the highest horizontal line among the three major lines. This line sometimes would run across the hand, but can be crossed in two cases. So you have to distinguish whether it belongs to the above case or the lower case. In the above case, three lines still can be seen clearly, but in the lower case, you can only see two lines altogether.


When the emotion line runs across the hand, the principal is also in impetuous fire of love. Not only this, the heart of jealous will be very heavy or being over-exercised. That means he can love someone furiously, more than you could expected even in initial stage, but he also can turn his back against you in the next minute, and you can lost everything without any prior symptom. He can ignite his true love for you in a short time, faster than you can ever expected; but can also extinguish it in another moment while your glow has been just lightened by him. That means those comes fast and will vanish fast also, but the counter part is in normal pace and just got her love started when the boy already finished. This is the same when the principal is a female.


The leopard can not change its spots(江山易改、品性難易), you are unable to change the counter-part, but if you can have a period of consideration, you can see the whole story from the beginning till the end and need not to be fallen into such a pit (絕境).


When the emotion line merges together with the talent line, and only two lines can be seen, colloquially it is know as broken-palm(斷掌). Basically, it has the same explanation as above, but the power of possession will be very strong also. And in general character, it’s also quite stubborn in opinions. In case of love, it is said to be quite concentrated, but at that certain period only. Because of the special character, sometimes it might be treated as oddfish (怪人) also. But when the bosom of the palm (手心) is deep enough, it usually tells you that the principal can earn a lot of money, but alas few can be retained. That means no matter how much money he earns, a lot of unpredicted expenditures will occur and cannot be saved down.
When a line is broken in midway, normally it denotes hindrance or tragedy on that portion. The time of happening of course can be calculated, and I will talk about the timing later; but you must know the essence first. If it happens on your own side, than you have to do a lot to avoid it. But if it happens on the counterpart, you only have two ways to do. Stop falling in love with him or her, or come back to love after that tragedy has already happen, then nothing will obstruct you. When the emotion line is broken underneath the section of the middle finger, it denotes disaster, accident or sickness to lead the breaking up of marriage or then end of romance. That means when you know that you lover will divorce in the future, what should you do ? You can choose to get marry with him now and divorce in the future; or you can wait after his divorce and get marry with him after that. You can choose to be his first lover or final lover as you like. But if you really want to choose both, then you have to do a lot and come to discuss with me according to individual case.
But if the line is broken just underneath the ring finger (無名指), it tells you that the failure or love of the principal is because of distraction (用情不專), and he or she meets the failure because the third party jams in; and of course he or she allows the third party to jam in without any objection. Ultimately, the original romance has to end up. So just see what position you are in, if you are in the original position, you will meet with failure; but when you are in the latest position, that is the third party, you will meet with success. In sense of moral, no one wants to be the third party; but if you are really put into such a positioin unintentionally,  you should aware of your status and get ready to know what you should do. This applies to both male and female.
When the line is broken just underneath the small finger, it tells that the failure of love will be due to material or worldly greediness. The over-emphasis on the need of money will be the main reason of failure.
When the emotion line goes over to the bottom of the index finger, that means this love will cause to another tragedy of life, that is something would happen beyond love which would make the principal very sad, just like accident or serious illness.
So let’s talk about the brighter side of the emotion line and don’t be annoyed by the above. When the emotion line bents downward underneath the index finger, it denotes the principal has great sense of sympathy and is ready to do any sacrifice for the counter part in any form. He or she will be a true lover, or the saint of lovers similar in the traditional story of Romeo & Juliet or the Butterfly Lovers.

When the emotion line is going over the hand and ends in between the middle finger and the index finger, that means the principal is much concentrated in love, he is a straight person, keen to learn and erudite (博學多才). At the same time, he is rational enough and would not let love hinder his business and can make a well balance. Therefore you can mark it as the example of an ideal husband. Colloquially, it can be described as mammal that is going to extinguish (頻臨絕種動物). This is the same as in the case of female.

When two or three upward lines are seen by the end of the emotion line, that means the principal has a strong power to attractive the counter sex. One more supplement to this point, the attraction is in a normal and acceptable manner and not in lustful way. And in case of love, it can easily fulfill the other part.


When in the case of some short branches group together like an arrow at the end of the emotion line, it means the principal has strong reproductive power, especially in females, but the same can apply to male also.



When a cross like the Chinese character ten is seen underneath the emotion line, it means the love can lead to a success for the principal no matter for male or female.


All the above explanations are basic theories only, and should be used by viewing both hands and face reading together. It is very dangerous to judge everything by a single line or symptom no matter it is telling you a good news or bad news. For those that are studying Chinese culture, even in the level of PHD, they would teach you this, or just touch the skin superficially. Why ? Because it is a practice more than a theory, it needs experience more than academic knowledge. Those who had come for internship in our company would also know, why you could not learn those things in your university and have to get it in a finance company. The answer is the same, its needs experience more than theory. Those that has be cured by my hypnosis (催眠術) would also raise the same question. Why they could not learn it even the Dept of Psychology in world famous universities ? The answer is the same, experience more important than theories.


So for any questions, do make decision on your own ! Come to me for solution is the best way.






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    Dear Daniel, this essay will be very popular!:P haha I am falling in the type you named going to extinguish~


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