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老師的真任務不是傳授知識 The real mission of a teacher

The real mission of a teacher 老師的真正任務 Lecturing in Guangzhou                     Lecturing in Hong Kong (introducing a Eng-Chin dictionary) When one wants to be a teacher in a particular field, of course he or she must have abundant knowledge first. During … Continue reading

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十二星座全是錯的、十三星座才是對的All 12 constellations are wrong, it should be 13

12星座全是錯的 13星座才是對的 All 12 constellations are wrong, It should be 13. I just want to tell those who are using the traditional 12 constellations for fortune telling; nowadays we are having 13 constellations in the night sky. Actually, stars … Continue reading

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How to promote Chinese herb & medicine如何推廣中醫中藥

How to promote Chinese herb and medicine 如何推廣中醫中藥 This is not a general romantic park, but a park of Chinese herb. It is not situated in any university or professional entity. It is in downtown area, by the side of … Continue reading

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Halloween in Hong Kong 萬聖節與萬鬼節

Halloween in Hong Kong 萬聖節與萬鬼節 So let me explain the illustrations first. When you want to get inside Lan Kwai Fong at Halloween’s eve, you have to queue up in a choppy (不斷改變方向的)and zigzag (之字形)line for 5 turns. The upper … Continue reading

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