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梅窩炒蜆與龍蝦Fried clam & lobster in Mui Wo

梅窩炒蜆與龍蝦  Fried clam & lobster in Mui Wo This time I am introducing a place of village style. Not only large restaurants have delicious cuisine, you can find it everywhere. This place is situated in Mui Wo(梅窩) of the Lantao … Continue reading

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贏了一場爭拗,則會輸去一個女朋友 Love & Dispute

贏了一場爭拗 則會輸去一個女朋友 Love & Dispute       Don’t win a battle and lose a war ! (切勿因小失大)   Love is sweet and cherishable, but the path definitely is not so plain and straight. There will be a lot of ups … Continue reading

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觀音是男人才對The goddess of mercy is a man

觀音是男人才對 The goddess of mercy is a man 觀世音菩薩(梵文:अवलोकितेश्वर,Avalokiteśvara) . In Chinese, the meaning is the deity to observe the voice of the world. The world is a place of agony, so to observe the voice of the world is to observe the voice … Continue reading

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第48次捐血 My 48th Blood Donation

第48次捐血 My 48th Blood Donation There were some obstacles again in this donation; I was rejected on the first try which was on April 17. Actually the day of maturity should be Apr 12, but I was too busy and … Continue reading

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