HK$46.9 任食壽司 All you can eat sushi at HK$46.9

In Wanchai, there’s a Japanese restaurant providing an all-you-can-eat service at the price of a fastfood shop, which is HK$46.90 plus 10% service charge, that is $51 only. I am a good eater as well as a big eater, so this suits me best. Besides introducing expensive and high class foods, I would also introduce a down-to-earth restaurant where you can enjoy as much as you can at an unbelievable low price.

The restaurant is situated atWanchai Road, just opposite the Lee King Hotel. Because of its cheap price, they would not accept any reservation. You have to line up in front of the shop. And when in Saturdays or holidays, you have to wait until after 9:00 pm in order to get a seat. The food is provided in a merry-go-round format, all food presented are free of charge, but you can also order from the a la carte and have to pay extra price. Actually, the foods provided are too much to finish and your stomach would have no room for further ordering.

Besides sushi, they also provide different soups just like corn and egg, or shark’s fin soup and even noodles. For Japanese tea, you can just pick up a tea bag and turn on the hot water tap to have a drink.

As far as can be seen, most of the customers are youngsters, they are mainly the post 80s or 90s where they can eat very much. They also turn up in groups or 5-7 people. For the price is too suitable for youngster and they can afford it. Sometimes when you go to fastfood shop in Hong Kong, the price may be even higher than this. 

Once I went with my two adaptive daughters to there, but what I have eaten were more than both of them. Once I also had a special service of fung shui and driving off evil spirit to a woman, she declared bankruptcy and could not pay any service charge to me but wished to treat me for a dinner. I chose this place in order not to let her spend too much.

I always led my adaptive daughters to taste delicious food in Hong Kongand outside, so its quite good to be my adaptive daughter. Besides eating, I also shown them fantastic places where seldom people would go to. Above all, every of them I complied at least one MTV when they all turn up to be a dreamy princess, as beautiful and charming as in fairy tales. But now I have too much daughter and do not wish to have more now.




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  1. Z says:

    What is the restaurant name?


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