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The HK Police Force will be proescuted

The Police Force in Hong Kong is facing a prosecution, for they are over-exercising their power to ban against a demonstration. What I want to point out is that few places in the world would have a venue to let … Continue reading

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The Oxford University 牛津大學

The University of Oxford is a world famous university, so what is famous for ? The most popular contact of general people should be of its dictionary. It’s the most authentic dictionary of British English. Above is the 20 volume … Continue reading

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Wait, go, change & waiting, going, changing

Kaiping is famous for its castle(碉樓), it is registered as World Culture Inheritance(世界文化遺產) in the United Nations. I regret for the past 20 years, I have no time to visit them even I had been there for numerous times. Not … Continue reading

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Part II —- My destiny calls & I go

Oh the trumpets of glory Now call me to ride, Yes, the trumpets are calling to me. And wherever I ride, Ever staunch at my side My squire and my lady shall be! To run where the brave dare not … Continue reading

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