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Night market watching 緊張刺激的金融夜市

Young people like to stay up very late at night; they just do not want to sleep. The just want to do something to keep their energetic body and mind keep going on. They try every means to keep awake … Continue reading

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“長春藤” 大學聯盟 The IVY League

Ivy is an evergreen climbing plant or even can creep on ground or wall. It exists in 5 continents of the world. The academic term is Hedera. It can resist all kinds of tough weather and thus won the name … Continue reading

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夜香港、不夜城 Hong Kong at midnight

Night life in Hong Kong is splendid and magnificent. When talking about this, people normally would think of Leon lights, night clubs, bars and karaoke. But to me, or to a great extent of people in Hong Kong, night life … Continue reading

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