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金融從業員的種類 Categories of financial employees

A lot of students wish to enter into investment bank after graduation, especially those in business college. Regretfully, not all of them know exactly how many posts they can choose and what kind of posts would suit them best. In … Continue reading

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紐約科技園(康奈爾計劃)The NYC Cornell Project

America is famous for technology and finance. In the west they have a Silicon Valley which represents the highest applied technology corporations; while in the east, they have New York which represents the furriest transactions of financial market. But the … Continue reading

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香港登上世界金融中心之顛 Hong Kong on Topmost Financial Centers of the World (世界經濟論壇報告)

According to the “Financial Development Index2011”of the World Economic Forum, Hong Kong surpassed the USA and UK, climbed to the topmost of the world. H U R R A Y   !!!    H U R R A H   … Continue reading

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World’s Greatest City: 50 reasons why Hong Kong is No. 1 Editor’s note: CNNGo’s Zoe Li, Virginia Lau, Tiffany Lam and CNNGo contributor Christopher DeWolf authored this article. 1. Public transportation rules Hong Kong is no place for motorists, with about 380,000 private vehicles for a population of over seven million. … Continue reading

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香港金融管理學院 + 上海財經大學

There’s a Hong Kong Financial Service Institute (香港金融管理學院)managing some post graduate course in Hong Kong with the Shanghai University of Finance & Economics(上海財經大學). I have quite a number of students in the said university. But they don’t even know their … Continue reading

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