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鯉漁門海鮮餐 Seafood in Lee Yue Mun Pass

The Lee Yue Mun Pass is famous for seafood, why ? Because it is known as the First Channel Under Heaven (天下第一水道). It has quite long a history and is a very famous spot for tourist and local people both … Continue reading

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與李嘉誠同一輛車 (西式及中式的解夢法)

我的干女兒夢見與李嘉誠同一輛車,這是我替她解夢的信件。 My easy girl, As for your dream of taking the same car with Lee Kai-Shing, and he enquired for your condition of the internship in our company, I would like to give you the explanation both from Chinese Philosophy … Continue reading

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