Main reason for breaking up 分手的主要原因

Cupid, Roman god of love

There are a lot of reasons for breaking up of lovers, but as for the case I have handled, the most common reason is due to quarrels. And the second popular reason is due to departure, that is distance love.

Nowadays, boys and girls are matured earlier than ever, that is they fall in love earlier than they should be. They are not well prepared to tread this path of life. They are not mature enough to handle it. They face a problem, but unable to solve it, it’s the main reason for breaking up. Especially for those in the college life, they are surrounded with reasoning to handle problems, and they use reasons to handle the dispute and not love, and that’s the main reason for breaking up.

Eros, Greek god of love, erected in Piccadilly Circus, London

I have seen and I have handled a lot of breaking up of young lovers even though I am not a social worker. The total number of my adaptive daughters and sons is over 40, and besides them, I still have a lot of most beloved students.

Disputes are inevitable, but just see how you handle it. The reason for breaking up is that they are too keen to find out which side is right and which side is wrong. And very often after finding out, they do not have enough power to solve it, that is they could not come to a solution. Love is love ! Not reason in assignment or homework to find out the correct reason. No need to point out which side is correct or wrong. Instead tolerance to overcome every thing is even more important.

Aphrodite, the most beautiful goddess

Very often, it’s on the side of a boy to find out the reason, and even more often, it’s the side of a girl that do something wrong or not so ideal or as the expectation of the boy, it thus lead to a breaking up. The boy forgets it is hard for a girl to guess everything he likes or dislikes all the way.

When a boy has some misdeed, normally a girl will complain but afterwards everything would be gone. That is the power of tolerance on the girl side is greater. But if a girl commits something that arouses the dislike of a boy, it would always lead to a breaking up. Why ?

I can say that most the of boys would like a girl to be his accessory, I don’t mind that if he performs his duty well enough. That is a boy would like the girl to do everything according to his will and his control, but if something unexpected happens; too keen to find out which one is wrong or correct is no use. A boy should find out a solution of love. Regretfully, most boys just like to take the advatnge of a male, and not willing or uanble to perform his own duty of problem solving.

That is a girl should belong to the boy, no problem; but the boy should love her and not condemn her of doing anything wrong.

So listen all boys ! When your girlfriend sheds tear, all quarrels and disputes should stop at once even if the misdeed is on the girl side. Actually, no need to find out which side is right or wrong, to exert love upon the other side is more important to use reasons to overcome her.

Hera, goddess of marriage

Do not talk of so many reasons; it’s not a dissertation of master or doctorate degree, its love. When you have such a positive mind, better to use your talent to solve the deadlock than use reason to overcome the other side.

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