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Winter Swimming (2) 又來冬泳 (2)

Why winter swimming ? Its a kind of exercise that can train your will besides your body. You have to fight against the weather, the water besides your ownself. You can choose to swim in seaside, but should chose high quality seawater … Continue reading

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恩怨情仇瞬眼矇 The hatredness of love

When love is torn, what would happen ? The above scene will be changed to the lower. It is a MUST in your college life, so boys and girls should prepare well for it. Its a major subject that worth … Continue reading

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自助餐減肥法 A Diet with Buffets

When talking about weight-reducing, people will at once like to link it up with diet. It’s no wrong and quite logical. But how about people like me who always stick to delicious food. Hong Kong is also known as a … Continue reading

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