Route of jogging to the Peak 路線圖 (跑步上太平山)

Jogging up the Victoria Peak

Elevation 552 meters               Length 4,000 meters


This is a compulsory physical training of Brave New World, all participants must take part and finish the whole journey thereof. Modern finance people must be strong in mind and brain simultaneously, or else how can you bear the night market watching in a long term basis after a whole day’s work ? Brave New World is an internship of health and wealth, not by slogan but by jogging up one of the most beautiful peaks of the world──the Victoria Peak, overlooking the first harbor under the sun. Such is a magnificent, indelible, romantic and heart-touching journey !

The jogging starts from sea level, that is Chater Garden, after a tour of Central District, there will be a mid-way stop in the Peak Tower, which is the upper peak tram station. The finishing point is at the rectangular pavilion of the Victoria Peak Garden. There will be no time limit, and you can take a rest at any point you like, but must finish the whole trip. Thus is quite easy for any youngster that possesses a normal health condition.

The fastest person that jogs up to the highest level may take just 60 minutes and the last person will take 120 minutes. There will be a lot of junctions and forked roads, so students will be divided into several groups, each led by a leader with GPS system, so as to arrive the right place at the right time. Remember this is a group activity and each one must link up with others and don’t go straight on your own way and miss the whole group.

Would all group leaders and members study the follow route and don’t be left behind?

  • 1. Meeting Point : Exit K of Central Station, ground level, that is the Statute Square as shown in the large arrow underneath.

J0702. There will be a guided tour to understand this financial center of the world of about one hour. After the recess, a family photo will be taken at Chater Garden before the jogging starts. Students should prepare pure water of no less than 700cc before getting off the MTR station. The actual starting point is marked in a red circle with cross in Chater Garden as shown underneath.

JO13. So GO ! GO ! GO ! We first pass two zebra crossings of Des Voeux Road Central and Garden Road to Cheung Kong Center, and then goes up along the Garden Road. Then turn right to Lower Albert Road, goes afar for 80 meters and the following junction will be seen. Just turn left and go up the path.

JO24. The path will lead to the Government House (禮賓府), which is the White House of Hong Kong and a group photo will be taken at the red circle point as shown.

JO35. We then carry on from the junction of Garden Road and Upper Albert Road and enter into the Hong Kong Zoological & Botanical Garden. Mind that the GPS of Google map is not as detailed as the following map. That is don’t believe in your computers too much, sometimes they are very stupid. This is also part of The Mission Special where you have to overcome the stupidity of computers. We will pass through the Bamboo Garden, Aviary, Menagerie and get off at the junction of Albany Road and Robinson Road as shown in the red circle with cross.

JO46. We than jog up along the Old Peak Road, when reaching the Hillsborough Court (曉峰閣), would all group leaders wait at this point until the whole group enter into the correct trail ? Remember to keep bearing right upward for the Old Peak Road as shown in the red circle with cross.

JO57. Then the jogging carries on till you reach the junction of Banker Road as shown in the red cross with circle. Thus you have to take a U-turn bearing right to carry on the Old Peak Road trail where a prominent road sign can be seen.J0308. This is the actual scene of the junction, don’t go straight ahead but must have a U-turn, fast joggers should remind the late joggers for U-turn by mobile. 

J209. In less than 200 meters’ distance away from the junction, you can reach the mid-way stop point which is the Peak Tower (凌宵閣). For fast joggers, please take a rest at the main entrance, that is at Findlay Path, there is a Garden platform shown in red cross with circle and underneath is a photo of the Tower showing the unique outlook of a Chinese cooking pan. This is the upper tram station. You can refill water here if you need. We have to wait for all late comers for another family photo, for there are too many forked roads here indeed.


10. After the mid-way check point, we than carry on climbing the Mt Austin Road for the length of 120 meters and then turn right at Mt Austin Playground and carry on for another 100 meters distance. You can see a junction with a small observation pavilion. As shown in the red cross with circle.


11. The actual scene is like this.J012

12. After photo taking, please keep on the Mt Austin Road to reach the Victoria Peak Garden, but you can see a junction at the red cross with circle shown below.j00813. The actual scene is like this, keep left and tread on the lower path.

Jo2214. Just 50 meters ahead of the junction, you can easily see a Guard House on your left side like this. For details of the Guard House, please refer to my electronic handout 4.11, page 5 (水源危機).J08

15. Hereby, no photos will be given, I just lead you down the park and will give you a chance to explore the water-head of Hong Kong, which is the highest point where water spring out underneath the ground and flow downhill to reservoirs and seas. Not so many times in your life can have a chance to explore the water-head of a place. And above all, you need not to go through the primeval forests (原始森林) like that of Yellow River or Yangtze River. This is your Brave New World !!!

116. From the water-head, you have to find your own way to the Finishing Point which is shown in the red cross with circle underneath. 

17. So this is the Finishing Point of 552 elevation jogging and distance of 4000 meters. Hurray !!!  Hurrah !!!  Gelivable (給力) !!!


Then, I will lead rest of the way, which is another unique and exciting experience. We need health, wealth, knowledge and irreplacble experience. This is what we call modern finance people and not just sitting in front of the computer inside an air-conditioned office. The world is far and wide.

This is your 

Brave New World

NB :

a)   Sporting wears and shoes are advised, or else lose wears also acceptable.

b)   Sun hat on discretion.

 c)    Boys should bring a towel for sweating as tissue paper is not enough.

 d)   I-phone with GPS advised, at least one for each group.

 e)    At least 700cc of pure water is needed for summer and 500cc for winter groups.

 f)      Better bring a mini torch for it might be late to explore the water-head, especially in winter times.

 g)   Anyone who thinks his or her health condition is not suitable for such a jogging must obtain a medical certificate first in order to get an exemption.

 h)   No need to be hurry along the way as there will not be any time limit for the whole trip, just keep in contact. When any help needed, just notice the nearest staff, group leader or any internmate.


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