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獨 門 秘 方 Secret recipe (如何增強記憶力)

The Brave New World has introduced another new element which is the Improvement of  Memory Power, of course not in your computer, but human brain. The place chosen for this training is not the conference room of our company,  but … Continue reading

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Jogging started開步儀式 — 跑上太平山

My adopted daughter came back from USA and my adopted son from Taiwan, to start the alpha jogging with me up to the Victoria Peak. When you want to be a successful modern finance people, you must pass this block … Continue reading

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3 lunches a day for diet 1天吃3次午餐的減肥法

  Three full sets of lunch, not concise lunch, but in full; not every day, but when in good mood or in need. This is my method of putting down the weight and fight against central obesity (中央肥胖). I have been using … Continue reading

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Psychological Analysis of Brave New World

Out of the various focuses of Brave New World , the Psychological Analysis has the longest history in this internship and has got the most participants. It has been introduced in the first generation course since 2006, while the other … Continue reading

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