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Impetuous Fire 烈 火 焚 燒

  I am talking about the Psychological consultancy in Hong Kong, much advanced and sophisticated than other Asian countries, that mainland China and South-East Asian countries have to chase up and upgrade themselves to a better tomorrow.   I am … Continue reading

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Super-natural power 2014 特異功能 2014

I have no interest in performing or making shows, I just want to teach my students to carry out the Parapsychology (特異功能) & Supernatural Power (超能力). My aim is not to ask them to sit down and watch what I am … Continue reading

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露天餐廳 — 大地在我腳下Dining on the top

What is Book-Tea ? An open air cafe, an open air restaurant in Guiyang, overlooking the river view. Place of eating is quite imporatant besdies the quality and preapration method the cuisine. An open air restaurant in ground level may … Continue reading

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Parapsychology (特異功能) & Supernatural Power (超能力)

In the year 2013, I launched out the Third Eye Training to Brave New World and Wind of Fortune, students and staff receiving such a training had already up to the number of 180 people. I had already announced and … Continue reading

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Street musician (It’s me) 杭州 “南宋卸街” 鋼琴演奏

You can also be a street musician as I am, when you go to the Imperial Street of Southern Song (杭州南宋御街)in Hangzhou. Besides the West Lake, this should be the most famous scenic spot of Hangzhou, for it once was … Continue reading

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