Fire Brigade in Hong Kong

WP_20131225_002Photos are taken inside the fire station, when vehicles are standing by, all doors are opened, just to save time when the alarms sounds. Even if opening a door needs just half a second, but in case of life saving, this half a second is detrimental.WP_20131225_012This is the actual time of setting off. Its no rail. (不是演習). Supervisors and assistants are standing by, to ensure when the alarms sound, the fire brigade must leave the station within 30 seconds. This day I checked the time, its 24 seconds only. When existing 30 seconds, they have to explain by a report after coming back.WP_20131225_007These are gliding pillars divided into several levels. so as to let them slide down as soon as possible.WP_20131225_006In summer time, when the firemen are on duty, normally the just wear a long trousers and the upper half is naked or just an underwear. But when alarms sounds they first put on the glove and then glide down. All equipment have been well kept on the vehicle, so they just wear the clothes when the vehicle is running on the street, no problem.Created with Nokia Smart CamBut when in Great Britain, they are not allowed to do so. They must put on the whole set of uniform inside the station, so as to keep their gentleman air. They must keep their politeness even in case of fire fighting. They cannot put on the dress while vehicle is running on the street, for its very impolite. They must dress up tidy and firm, and above all in gentleman air before they go for fire fighting, This is the major difference between the UK and HK.WP_20131225_005


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