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Annual Dinner 2014 of Galaxy of ACE INSURANCE

Held at Eaton Hotel, Nathan Road The Pearl Ballroom Masters of ceremony The couple of directors Sharing experience of struggling with sobbing Sherry Chiu, Agency Director Kay Tsui, my major disciple in Third Eye Training Stefanie Wu, the laughing bomb … Continue reading

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Tarot meeting of Horse Year 馬年”塔羅”會

There was a meeting of Tarot started at 2 o’clock 2 minute 2 second of the 22nd day of the second month of this year which was last Saturday. The place was in ACE Insurance, where the staff and clients … Continue reading

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眼簾攝影記憶法 Eye-lid shooting for memory

What is eye-lid shooting ? It’s a kind of method to improve your memory power. That is when you watch the scene with your eyes, just view it like a camera, and print down the whole photo inside your mind. … Continue reading

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Speed reading & Parapsychology 速讀 / 特異功能

Speed reading is speed reading, what’s its relation with Parapsychology ? It is plain and clear that speed reading is an independent training that can raise up the speed of an individual. How about Parasychology ? It also has a by-product which is to … Continue reading

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