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GO ! GO ! GO ! 請協助救護車衝紅燈 GO ! GO ! GO !

晚上八時,我在港島的德輔道西與東邊街交界,再度站出馬路中央,截停雙層巴士、截停電車、截停的士;好讓救護車衝紅燈而過。 是半年內的第三次了。 也許省回來的時間只有幾秒,救人救命,分秒必爭;如果每個路口都省幾秒,可不少呢!!!!!!! 我有學生1400名,如果每人都協助救護車省回幾秒,後果可以是無限大的!!!!!!! 去年十一月我在杭州截停班馬線上之行人,當時是去看我的乖乖。 今年二月在九龍旺角截停班馬線上之行人,當時是去看風水。 今天是在港島西區,是去游冬泳,下著雨,可能有冰雹。但完事後心情特別興奮。   游出特別標準的自由式與蛙式。 YEAH !!!!!!! Follow me ! Follow me !   All my students !   Please scroll on the right hand side of this page, and you will see a column named “Categories”. Just click on the item”The Pearl Of the Orient” and … Continue reading

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上海猶太難民紀念館(Shanghai Jewish Refugee Museum)

This is another side of Shanghai, besides the famous tourist spots, there are still a lot of places worthwhile to visit. When students came to Hong Kong, I normally would like to show them the other side of Hong Kong; … Continue reading

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An undefeatable foe, but nothing left to lose

Our internship has been running since 2006 and interrupted for years but resumed since 2011. We overcame a lot of hardship, but has been threatened to be stopped since 2012 and now still existing. I insist to run it on … Continue reading

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