War correspondent training site 戰地記者訓練場地

DSC03468There’s a special landscape in Hong Kong quite suitable for the training of war correspondent. Therefore, the Syracuse University (雪城大學) of USA and the City University (城市大學) of Hong Kong has a joint program of such a training. It is taken place in the island of Cheung Chau, including the Cheung Po Tsai Cave, Five Element Rocks, Reclining Rocks and Po Yue Wan. They are all natural scenes which are the clever finger axe of god(大自然的鬼斧神功). It’s a special landscape in the countryside. They are open to general public, does not belong to any university or entity.DSC03469The cave has to be climbed in, you cannot walk in. So no matter in daytime or nighttime, a torch is essential. You have to climb down and then to climb up, a steel ladder is fixed at the entrance. The cave is so narrow, sometimes the height is so limited that you have to squat through (蹲行). Most of the cave-way can only accommodate one people, and the narrowest place is so narrow that a fat person cannot go through. Your front and back have to touch the cave wall simultaneously. The whole cave is not so long, just two minutes and can finish the whole walking.DSC03470But just out of the cave, it quite easy to walk to the five element rocks (五行石). Its not a cave, but you have to walk through the cleft (裂綘) of rocks. Why it is called five elements ? For the rocks are in different shapes, as the five elements of Chinese mysticism which are gold, wood, water, fire and earth. They represent round, long, wave, triangle and square.DSC03478Passing the rocks, there lead to another rocky beach which is Po Yue Wan (鯆魚灣), the wave is quite big and you very often have to wade through (涉水) the water in order to reach the other shore of cliff which is the Reclining Rock. The distance is not so far, just 30 meters at high tide, but very slippery. Anyway, these are all natural scenes and not artificial site. It is built by god and not human being.

Quite a splendid place to train the war correspondent, such a great deal of different kinds of landscape in such a small area is quite rare indeed. Even not for such a purpose, if you venture this place by night, its already marvellous enough. Before I lead the intern students, this is a place that I used to shoot my music video for my supermodels.DSC03477

There are a lot of places around you waiting for you to explore, no matter in New York …… Washington …… Chicago …… London ……. Beijing or Hong Kong, just see whether you have a perceptive mind and dig out things right by your side.



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