Applying for Graduate school —- Fraudulent Documents

P1060516Why I have to arrange students studying business for court hearing ? Because I found that their legal concepts are quite weak, and they don’t even know they are treading the illegal path. They just consider it as a privilege.

The concept of documentation in America is a little bit different from that of China. In America, documents are used to prove and identify the genuineness of a certain happening where others could not be seen. But inside China, the social concept is that they have the right to issue documents according to their power and not according to the actual things that had happened. Sometimes it really is though not all.

The most common practice is the prove of income and position, they would ask a friend or relative to issue a document certifying they have a higher income or position even if the person involved is unemployed. They do this simply want to show others they have the power to do so, neglecting what the outcome will be. When people refused to do so will be considered as stubborn and cool instead of justice and helping the principal to tread the correct path.

Another common practice for students is that concerning the hours and period of internship. Our internship normally lasts for two weeks or 50 hours. When their university needs an intern hours of 100 or 4 weeks, they would not join our internship twice, instead they just wanted the company to issue a document that cope with the requirements of their university. That means they join our internship for two weeks, and hope us can issue a certificate of two months or whatsoever more than the actual case.

The American law is using a combination of Common Law (unwritten law) and Enactment (written law). Common law means according to common sense and moral standard, you should carry out good deeds and avoid bad deeds. You should know cheating the university is a crime and asking others to cheat the University is another crime, you cannot say the Office of Admission has not list out you cannot use false data to cheat them. For being a college student you should know what is right or wrong. And when asking others to issue false documents is seducting others to act as accomplice (共犯).  Fraudenlent document is a criminal case, and seduction of accomplice is another criminal case. You cannot argue your teacher has not told you directly that you should not use false data for application. This is common law. The court will judge according to common sense that fraudulent document is a crime and you cannot shrink your responsibility by saying that you don’t know the law. Or else every criminal can make a defense that he have not entered the law school and know nothing concerning law, thus can commit any crime he likes. Such as the court has not list out you should not steal or you should not kill, but everyone knows it.

Even though some other people are doing, I would not let my students or encourage my students to do it, or else anyone involved in false documents will also be treated as accomplice.P1060513Some students  would even ask me to authorize them to sign my name, so as to make it more convenient for them to prepare for the application, because they don’t want to wait so long for my reply. Once even a student raised a request, and asked me to give him twenty blank sheets of our company’s letter sheet with logo and heading, and then ten blank company’s envelops for him to fill in anything he likes, including that he could sign my name also and make any false statement he likes. Another girl even sent false data to the university and asked me to sign and confirm everything neglecting what she has written. This time, not only this, a girl asked me to use false statement and let her check it whether she is satisfy before submission.

Youngsters of nowadays are spoiled by their family because of the one child policy in mainland, they assume everyone should spoil them as what their parents are spoiling even in the outer world.

Should they don’t know how to think from my angle of controlling every document for the sake of the whole gang of students, they should have a concept that such authorization would not have any legal effect on certification; the only legal effect is fraudulent document and false statement is not only a crime but immoral.

The highest penalty of fraudulent documents is that the graduate school has the right to seize away the student’s master degree after conferral.

And if I do it, I am helping others to seize away their master degree and not helping them to get the degree. They raise such a requirement knowing not the ultimate consequence will hurt them more than hurting me.


I should have explained to most of the classes that in America they are using central information system. That means every application is known by other university and every letter with my signature will pass through to every graduate school, so every bias or even typing mistakes would be caught sight by the whole field. Therefore, every letter does not affect the applicant only, but also affects the whole of my intern students. If I do not control this well in the past, than today, even if you ask any recommendation or even blank letter sheet form me, no graduate school will take it into consideration.

Nowadays, lectures cannot be confined inside the classroom only, even if I had arranged some students for high court hearing, it is still not enough. It’s not an end, but just a beginning. No matter you have been to the high court hearing, you still have to improve your legal concept, because I found it is the weakest aspect of mainlanders on their daily life. And above all, not just viewing from the angle of student, you must view also from the angle of the university and the company.

Why we have to go to America for to study graduate school, because the law and system over there is more strict and firm, if we still bring the mal-practice of mainland over there, it’s no point to go to study there, just leave inside mainland and keep on governed by those incorrect legal concept and that’s enough.

That’s why I am so keen in the after class activities, it is a method of showing you how to view things from another angle, it is also a method showing you the difference between Hong Kong and your homeland. People that go to study and having internship abroad, very often is because of the social system different from mainland rather the content inside. If it is merely for the content, you can just simply download my electronic handouts or ask a professor to lead a course inside mainland, that would be more welcome even, and you need not come to Hong Kong for internship.

So when I have the power to write everything, I would use my power to divert the wickedness to righteousness instead of helping others to cheat. I would use my power to eliminate false statement and fight for justice. This is your mentor Daniel Yue.

Why going abroad to study is of a higher caliber ? Because the social air rejects false documents in all advanced economies and not as you think it’s a privilege to write anything you like.

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