Financial English (A new subject)

CNN1This is a new subject to be held in the ” International Finance Training Center “.

It is the first financial training center in China.

This is the first subject concerning financial English also.

It has no text book, why ? Because everything is using the latest data that is happening lively, we will use the latest material of last night or yesterday, or even instantly.

Right now.

As new as the latest news.

What does the word “news” means, North, East, West, South a compound word of news.CNN2The teaching materials are chosen from the latest report of the Federal Reserve of America, European Central Bank….that is to go inside to study the originals of the scripts and to understand their meaning. Not for the purpose of literature enjoyment, but for grasping the market tendency.

So as the speech of political leaders, important meetings of G7, EU, IMF…..or the talks on European debt crisis such as Greece….

I would not encourage people to read the summary of news agency or to study the translation articles, instead I would ask them to go directly to the originals.

Especially the statement of the Federal Reserve, it is not designed for translation, it is decided as the highest word play of the world. That is they wish to keep neutral in forecasting the future trend but still need to disclose some secret. So they use a lot of metaphors (隱喻). That is they always try to disclose some and conceal something, and that’s why their statements are so hard to be understood and therefore must go into the original.CNN3Even for other speeches, getting into the original will be more directly than any summary of news agency or translation. For you need not to go over a bridge, and each bridge will have different meaning. That is the one making the summary might not be the ideas you wish they are. Maybe your ideas are different from them.

Financial English is not a subject in the College of Literature, it’s a subject in the Business College. We would not teach you how to appreciate the writings from the angle of literature, but would aim the the response and impact on the financial market. What strategy of investment you should take in facing those waves arouse by these reports or speeches.

I would not be the lecturer since I don’t have so much time, instead I would ask overseas graduate to teach such a subject and I prepare the materials for them.

It’s the first subject in “live” Financial English in China, will be taught in the first “International Financial Training Center “in China.

Coming soon !



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