HKU Vegetarian, eat as much you can 港大任吃素食


Vegetarian food is becoming more popular nowadays, not because of the reason of religion but because of health. There is a new extension of the campus of the University of Hong Kong Known as Centennial Campus (百周年校園). This extension is in celebration of the using of the main campus for one hundred years. Everything here is latest, including the format of eating.

That is the vegetarian food, pay as you eat. You can eat as much as you can while you pay as much you can, but advised not to waste, not your money, but the resources of the earth.7

Vegetarian food is presented in form of buffet, but also in form of heath. Urbaner are advised to take more vegetarian food to fight against urban diseases.

These are all high class vegetarian food, and of course the price is also of higher class. Normally, when you observe a canteen inside a university, it would give you a sense that the price should be around the price of a fast food shop, but actually they are of a higher caliber because everything is of a higher class.8Food is paid by weight, while rice and soup are free of charge, but dessert and special drinks will be excluded, that is to pay more. I am a big eater, and everytime, it causes me HK$70 – 90. I still think its worthwhile.

Try it next time !



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