Eating in New York (2) 美食天堂紐約

NYC2As I have said, the famous New York University does not have a designated campus, for it merges with the city of New York. So when you  visit this university, do not forget to try the special cuisine of “Galanga”. It’s a Thai restaurant by the side of the Washington Square, and the Sixth Avenue, on the West 4th Street of Manhattan.


You can have a single dish for your ownself, or order several dishes to share together with your beloved ones. DSC02473 DSC02474 DSC02475Its a little bit spicy, but still worth to try. New York is known as the crossroad of the world, so that you can meet every culture here. NYC1Just see the interior and the entrance of the restaurant that you wont get it wrong next time.DSC02471


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