Eating in Xiamen 廈門美食


In Nov 2015, I again paid a visit to Xiamen to see my adopted daughter, we meet once each year, from her year two to graduate two. This is the hotpot seafood dinner. Quite splendid and delicious. Hurray !

DSC06158 DSC06159

Then in the following afternoon, we went to a buffet in a hotel just opposite the pier to Gulang Island.



The arrays are quite splendid and brilliant! Besides going out to fetch on your own, you can also order the waitress to bring those food to your table as followings.


Sashimi is one of my favorites, and the have unlimited quantities. YEAH !


I like all-you-can-eat. I am a good eater as well as a big eater. It proves that my health condition is in the highest status.


Please scroll on the right hand side of this page, and you will see a column named “Categories”. Just click on the item”Eating around the world” and you can see my related article concerning this topic. This article also appears in my other blog of and normally will be renewed on Saturday evening .

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