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杭州西湖 與 高雄澄清湖 West Lake & Cheng Ching Lake

Hangzhou is famous for its West Lake, a national scenic spot where you can see local and foreign tourists at any time of the day and any time of the year. Even under the shadow of bird flu (禽流感), it’s … Continue reading

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41年前、我率先策動了釣魚台示威 當時是1971年6月的第1代保釣運動,很快就傳遍全球。 但卻等了41年,等到2012年9月,才見到有中國(台灣)的官船進入釣魚台海域去保護魚民。 1971年拿出來的口號,是1919年五四運動的口號:       中國的領土可以征服不可以斷送 中國的人民可以殺戮不可以低頭       1996年登陸釣魚台的港人,大部份是持英藉護照,英國當然不會護航。 不過卻開了先河。 亞洲、歐洲及非洲等有領土紛爭之島嶼,民眾都自行登上宣示主權。 如今算是第3代或第4代的保釣運動。 才見到有官船出現,遲到總比沒有到好。 以水炮護航已經是最溫和的政府表態方式。 絕對不能低於此底線。 1919 —- 1971 —- 2012 —- ???? Please scroll on the right hand side of this page, and you will see … Continue reading

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最壯麗景觀的大學 —- 在哪裡 ? The most magnificent paroramic unversity view

Which university has the most magnificent view ? I am talking about the view looking outward and not just the campus itself. In Hong Kong when you buy a flat, the view is quite decisive to the price. Even of … Continue reading

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世界十大美食餐廳—-台北正店 Ten gourmet restaurants of the World

  世界十大美食餐廳 —-  鼎泰豐台北正店 Ten gourmet restaurants   of the world The Din Tai Fung is a famous Taiwanese restaurant, famous for its small steamed buns(小籠飽), in traditional English, they called it dumplings. But actually, a lot of Chinese food they … Continue reading

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十分大瀑布The Shifen Waterfall

There is a nick name to this waterfall which is known as Paradise on earth as described by the Chinese version of Wikepedia. Another nick name is the Niagara Falls (尼亞加拉瀑布)of Taiwan. Waterfall actually is a means of showing the … Continue reading

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放天燈許願Making wish by sky lantern

放天燈許願 Making wish by sky lantern There are a lot of methods of making wish besides going to temples or churches. In Hong Kong, the most special one is that of the Wishing Tree in Tai Po, but in Taiwan, … Continue reading

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不沉之海泳池The Dead Sea Swimming Pool

不沉之海泳池 The Dead Sea Swimming Pool   The Dead Sea of Israel is famous world wide for its floating power. Everyone can lie upon the sea easily, even those cannot swim will not be drown. You even can sleep and … Continue reading

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無敵景觀的餐廳A magnificent view restaurant

無敵景觀的餐廳 A magnificent view restaurant Eating is an enjoyment, besides the tasty food; actually the environment is very important indeed. When you can have meal facing the above panoramic view, surely you can enjoy as more as you can and … Continue reading

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比西湖更美的澄清湖Cheng Ching Lake surpasses West Lake

比西湖更美的澄清湖 Cheng Ching Lake surpasses West Lake There’s a lake in south Taiwan, in the city of Kaohsiung, known as Cheng Ching Lake (澄清湖),where the local tourism industry claimed it is even more beautiful than the West Lake in Hangzhou (杭州西湖). So … Continue reading

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地球上之月球世界 The World of Moon on Earth.

地球上之月球世界 The World of Moon on Earth   Where are these pictures taken from ? Of course not on the Moon, its really down to earth (現實地)in this world, neither from archive (檔案室) nor made of computer technique. This special … Continue reading

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