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You Can Design Our Harbor (2)

You Can Design Our Harbor (2)   This map is seen in the first pile of my electronic handouts, the seventh set, naming The First Harbor Under Heaven. You can see the area in white is the original shape of … Continue reading

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You Can Design Our Harbor (1)

You Can Design Our Harbor (1)   Mainlanders still do not have a right to cast a vote to elect their ideal national leader, but now you have the right to cast a vote on the development of the Victoria … Continue reading

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Ching Ming Festival

Ching Ming Festival   Please enter for the scrolling and music edition of this masterpiece of the Ching Ming time, that’s the time of clear and bright. (Taipei National Palace Musuem version) Manual scrolling version (without music) The Qing Ming … Continue reading

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International Hostels Abroad

International Hostels Abroad     Dormitory is known as hostel in Britain. Nowadays, students studying abroad seldom make use of such international hostel, instead they are colonializing other countries but grouping sojourners from the same country together. Mind that hostel life … Continue reading

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