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Financial English (A new subject)

This is a new subject to be held in the ” International Finance Training Center “. It is the first financial training center in China. This is the first subject concerning financial English also. It has no text book, why … Continue reading

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第64次捐血My 64th blood donation 風雨不改

捐血救人,風雨不改 No matter rain or sunshine, No matter how cold or how hot, Nothing can stop blood donation. In Hong Kong, there’s over 3,000 like me, that has a record of over 50 blood donations. 在香港,捐血超過50次的人數已突破 3,000人,在700萬人口中都屬難能可貴的救人勇士。 捐血一袋,救人一命。 捐血64次,共救64條人命。 Every … Continue reading

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中國首個金融培訓中心 First Financial Training Center in China

I am going to establish the first Financial Training Center in China. It’s the first of this kind that university towns in China are in direct co-operation with a financial company in Hong Kong. That is working in a financial … Continue reading

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A 24-hour breakfast in Hong Kong

This time I am not introducing delicious food, but a special life style in Hong Kong, that is we have a 24-hour breakfast service in SOHO. You can have you breakfast at any time you like. But how much it … Continue reading

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