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光明節與聖誕節 Chanukah & Xmas

光明節與聖誕節     Chanukah & Christmas The above photos are not Christmas decorations. The left photo is taken in America and right photo in Hong Kong. It is called the Festival of Chanukah(光明節). It is a festival of Jewish religion, its … Continue reading

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零下14度的芝加哥 -14°C in Chicago

零下14度的芝加哥 -14°C in Chicago Pedestrain zone of Chicago University The zone is also for squirrel Do you know the temperature of the freezer of a refrigerator?(至於refrigerator,國語叫冰箱,粵語叫雪櫃,粵語的冰箱就是指freezer) Normally the temperature of a freezer varies from -8°C to -20°C, for you can … Continue reading

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Movie《2012》   A typical disastrous film known as 《2012》was talking around in the city and among youngsters, I watched it not just because of the film, but also want to know what my students were talking about everyday, that was … Continue reading

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