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牛津大學、芝加哥大學及劍橋大學之共同點 Similarities in Oxford, Chicago & Cambridge U

There are two similar towers in the Oxford University and the Chicago University, can you tell which from which? They are all of Gothic Style or rather likely Collegiate Gothic. On the left, it’s the Mitchell Tower of Chicago University. … Continue reading

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早、午、晚三餐在長洲 Eating—–morn till night

Cheung Chau is an outlying island of Hong Kong. It’s a famous place for local tourists. People seldom go over to have breakfast. For those who live on the Hong Kong and Kowloon, they still need a certain time to … Continue reading

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My 55th blood Donation 第55次捐血

Time flies ! On April 10, 2012 (Tue), I had my 55th blood donation.     Recently, I have been a little bit busy and could not keep in the same pace of three months per donation as before. So I … Continue reading

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Eating in Xiamen 廈門風味美食

Xiamen is famous for the island of Gu Lang Yu(鼓浪嶼),because it is so near Taiwan, there are a lot of similiar eating habits between the Fukien Province and Taiwan. The above is the small fired small oyster with eggs (蚵仔煎), … Continue reading

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Sakura Festival 2012 (長洲櫻花2012之旅)

What is Cheung Chau(長洲)famous for ? Too many things indeed. Waves, caves, sunset, night scene, fishing boat, wind-surfing, cycling, seafood, dessert….etc But the above these exist for the whole year, only the sakura has time limit. They bloom only for … Continue reading

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