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推薦信的背後 What lies behind the reference letter ?

By the end of the internship of Brave New World & Wind of Fortune, every participant is entitled to have a reference letter issued by the company for general purpose or further studying or job application. In western countries, they have been … Continue reading

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溫州第三眼 Third Eye Training in Wenzhou

Most of my Third Eye Trainings are done with water, such as in Repulse Bay, Deep Water Bay, West Lake and waterfalls. Actually the prerequisite (先決條件) is to get relax first. For it is not a kind of lecturing, but … Continue reading

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5 D Movie in Hangzhou Airport 杭州機場的5 D電影

Once there was a very famous film known as Avatar (阿凡達), in major cities of mainland, they all had the 3D version, but in some small cities, only 2D version could be seen. While in Hong Kong, we already had … Continue reading

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吃在上海 Eating in Shanghai

There are four famous cuisines in China, and Cantonese is surely among them. But when you extent the scope to eight famous cuisines, Shanghaies is also among the latter. So when a Cantonese goes to Shanghai, trying the most authentic … Continue reading

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My 58th blood Donation 第58次捐血

I won’t sit on an enormous armchair inside an air-conditioned office and then ask you to do this and that. I have winter swimming. I run up the Victoria Peak. I have my blood donation for 58 times. So follow me, follow me, when … Continue reading

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