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The Chinese Yuan, CNY-RMB人民幣

Memorial Chinese yuan of the 2008 Olympic Games The Chinese currency is know as Renminbi, literally means the people’s currency. In China, you can always see everything is prefixed by “the people’s”, such as the people’s assembly, the People’s Republic of China. As … Continue reading

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Super typhoon heading towards Hong Kong超級颱風、正面吹襲

So what is a typhoon (颱風)? Mind that this is not an English term but a Chinese term, the English people adapted this Cantonese term as a foreign phrase of their language, and now becomes a permanent element and few … Continue reading

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High speed train & frog under well 高鐵與井底蛙

Bullet train of Japan 1964 The era of high speed train has come. We are stepping into another new epoch. Distance is shortened by high speed train, and the earth grows smaller and seemed to be shrinking(萎縮). It seems like … Continue reading

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Who is your true lover 那個才是你的真愛(基本掌相學之3)重刊Re-post

Who is your true lover ? 那個才是你的真愛 (基本掌相學之3) The emotion line not only can tell your emotional life, but you can use it for other purpose. You can also use to fix who is your genuine best fellow (男朋友) or best girl … Continue reading

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Common questions in matriculation入學試常見的問題

The University of Chicago, always on Top 10 of the world No matter for the application of undergraduate or postgraduate, there is a prominent block waiting for students to overcome. Besides, making statement and submitting relevant data, what they need is an … Continue reading

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