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Who am I ?

Who am I ? A lot of people misunderstands that I am an English teacher, but actually I am teaching Finance. Not in a university, because most of my students had got a master degree, and some even doctorate degree. … Continue reading

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Stop the one child policy

The People’s Republic of China has the largest population of a single nation. So when talking about the problem of population explosion, if we just count the number of people and neglect the total area and natural resource, its an … Continue reading

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Should One Child Policy Be Abolished應否廢除一胎政策

Population explosion is a world wide problem. And when people are talking about the Single Child Policy in China, most of them think that its reasonable and natural (理所當然). Very often, when everyone thinks that it is right, it is … Continue reading

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The Mozart effct 莫札特效應

  What is Mozart effect ? It’s a research carried out by the Columbia University---if you keep on listening to the music of Mozart you can raise your IQ. Say it simply, you will be cleverer in the long run. … Continue reading

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