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Why Should There be a Solar Eclipse 為何要有日蝕 ?

Why Should There be a Solar Eclipse 為何要有日蝕 ?目的何在?   Why the solar eclipse has to occur ? It’s not so easy to answer. We better take a look at the figures first. The universe is vast and boundless (浩翰無涯) … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Chinese in Hong Kong 中文在香港的演變

The Evolution of Chinese in Hong Kong 中文在香港的演變       For those students that had been to the court hearing with me, they would know that the only official language in the court of Hong Kong is English, even … Continue reading

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The Double Decker Train 雙層列車

The Double Decker Train 雙層列車     For the saga (長篇故事) of public transportation in Hong Kong, we not only have double decker bus, but we also have double decker train as an inter-city train shuttling (穿梭往返)between the city of … Continue reading

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The Polytechnic University 香港理工大學

The Polytechnic University 香港理工大學 What is so special in this university ? —-All the buildings here in this university are built in two elements, circles and straight lines ! These two are the basic elements of all designs. Besides this, when … Continue reading

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