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第61次捐血 --- 讀聖賢書、所學何事 ?

My 61st blood donation has been done on 28th April, 2014. 讀聖賢書、所學何事 ? 如果你能像我一樣有61次的捐血記錄,你也可以對任何人讀出文天祥的《衣帶銘》:───   “孔曰成仁,孟曰取義,唯其義盡,所以仁至。 讀聖賢書,所學何事?而今而後,庶幾無愧!”    讀了那麼多年聖賢書,雖然沒有碩大成就, 但總算問心無愧!   是1283年文天祥就義後,從他的衣帶取得的。 Please scroll on the right hand side of this page,and you will see a column named “Category”. Just click … Continue reading

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ああああTha Alpha & Omega Ω Ω Ω Ω

Why I have to hold the internship of Brave New World ? Students are not just coming from mainland, some group completely from USA this June, known as the Impossible Dream. Why people has to come from mainland to Hong … Continue reading

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